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We want to achieve a closer contact with the people and the culture of the places we are visiting and realize a true “cultural exchange”.

This desire springs form our experiences of the past. Travelling is a tasting of different smells, flavours, countryside´s and architectures. Yet, the moments we most remind and which left the strongest mark on us, are those we spent together with locals. Due to the sparse time a traveller normally has at one´s disposal, this complete “immersing” into the place and people of a place, remains a rare opportunity.

In order to seek for these moments of involvement and in order to learn more about the mentality and reality of a country, we have decided to search for local musicians and establish a personal contact with them. Music can be seen as a mouthpiece of the way a nation thinks and lives. Through traditional music, one can encounter history and customs of a country. Through modern music, one can approach day to day live of the people and understand better current matters.
——–Our part of the exchange we are proposing, is, to promote the culture of the places we are visiting. We will record concerts and short interviews of the musicians and publish the gathered materials on this blog. Under the caption “News” will be kept a logbook in which we will give our personal impressions of the day and provide a series of information on local food, usages and customs. Furthermore, the exchange will enclose the possibility for the locals to spend some days together with us on the boat.

Start of the project: Tuesday 12th of August 2009!

1st week: Italy (Venice), Slovenia (Koper), Croatia (Pula, Lossinj, Dugi Otok)
2nd week: Croatia (Split, Solta, Korcula, Lastovo)
3rd week: Italy (Molfetta, Brindisi), Albania (Vlore)
4th week: Greece (Corfu, Ithaka, Diakopto)
5th week: Greece (Galaxidi, 15th of September: heading towards Corinth Canal)
6th week: Serifos, Folegandros, … (from 21st of September)
7th week: Marmaris (from 28th of September)

3rd October: ISTANBUL!

NB: The route depends on the music bands we are able to contact from now on. So it is likely to be subject to changes.


_FinaFine SchaumburgProject Manager, website & videos, 26 years, Dresden, Germany.
Grew up in Germany until the age of 18, and lived since then in different countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America. She is graduated in General Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam and after Canto Mediterreaneo, she will work as a EVS-volunteer in the International Office of the University of Antalya, Turkey, for one year.

P9190253Bruno Porto Skipper, 36 years, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
It is his third year to work as a skipper in the Adriatic and Ionic Sea, as a team member of Sulle Ali del Leone, Happy Albania and Vento di Venezia. He has sailed from the North of Argentina till the island of Trinidad and 15 years of experiences in tourism and chartering in Brazil.

_GiacomoGiacomo De StefanoPublic Relations, video editing, 43 years, Asti, Italy.
Is graduated in the conservation and restoration of the historical and architectonic heritage in Venice. He has realized the projects Happy Albania and Un Altro Po as coordinator and documentarist and supported the project Sulle Ali del Leone by providing the ship and giving media assistance. He dedicates his life to promote a sustainable form of thinking and living.

_GiovanniGiovanni MeneghiniFotographer, 30 years, Vicenza, Italy.
Graduated at the I.S.F.A.V (Superior Institute of Photography and Visual Arts) of Padua. He carried out a photo-reportage in Argentina and Albania. On board of his scooter he first documents Turkey and then Morocco. Giovanni participates at the project Happy Albania as photographer.

_RitaRita Manfredini- Responsible ecological aspects, 37 years, Venice, Italy.
Graduated in architecture at Venice, model maker, illustrator and graphic artist; love for the space means “everything” to Rita and it guides and conducts her professional and personal decisions. She is an explorer of the way of living – even beyond the sustainable one.

_PatiPatricia De Ross Graphic Designer, 37 years, Caxias do Sul, Brazil.
Graduated in advertisement and publicity at the University Unisinos in the south of Brazil and Visual and Multimedial Comunications at the University IUAV in Venice. She worked in several Design studios throughout Brazil and is currently working as a freelancer in Venice. Patricia takes part in this project by assisting in the maintenance of the blog.


Our thanks!
…to all those many people that are and were helping us. Thank you guys!

Adonis Zacharias (Serifos Island), Aida Lukic (Umag), Aleksandra Chwolka (Polen), Amy Fladevoe (Vlore), Angelo Cagidimitriu (Galaxidi), Anna Kirschner (Frankfurt M.), Alexandra Oberkamm (Stuttgart), Artan Shabani (Vlore), Bashkim Hyka (Durres), Bethany Smith (Lezhe), Christina Magoula (Serifos Island), Danica Willis (Kotor), Dragana Andjelkovic (Sutomore), Elif Kamisli (Istanbul), Franko Krajcar (Losinj), Gerardo Balestrieri (Venice), Grace Rossato (Pula), Gregor Lahajnar (Koper), Ifo (Rovinj), Igor Drandic (Valle), Hawi (Steinhuder Meer), Jadranka Sepic (Split), Jaka Berger (Maribor), Jovica Kurtovic (Trebinje), Jure Duh (Novo Mesto), Jure Najdic (Maribor), Karen Ranke (close to Stuttgart), Katharina Becker (Deutschland), Katja Domacina (Solta Island), Kenan Katanalp (Mugla), Konstantinos Magoulas (Serifos Island), Maee Le Hir (Aix-en-Provence), Marco Rossat0 (Pula), Marijana Ze (Kotor), Matej Okretic (Koper), Matina Pachoulis (Serifos Island), Mia Domacina (Solta Island), Milan Jelovac (Tivat), Mondotondo (Porec), Nemanja (Bar), Nico Berardi (Brindisi), Nikola Pinjuh (Zagreb), Nikolaos Moustakas (Serifos Island), Nikos Livanions (Serifos Island), Pia Ruoss (Deutschland), Primoz Malensek (Novo Mesto), Sandra Hutter (Zagreb), Sandro (Passo Giau), Sara Wuttke (Deutschland), Sarah Marks (Deutschland), Simone Messmer (Deutschland), Sokrates Pachoulis (Serifos Island), Sylvia Kalebic (Solta Island), T (Budva), Tinka (Portoros), Tamara Schön (Split), Theodora Livanios (Serifos Island), Theodore Livanios (Serifos Island), Travis Sabran (Vlore), Vlado Djurovich (Bar), Vlatko  Bulatovic (Kotor), and thanks to many many many many other!